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Practice creates masters

For about a month, I've noticed firsthand that some activities get better and better with regular practice. The occasion is my new habit of doing push-ups. But the principle also works for more complex activities.

    1. Push-ups

    I can do about 15 now.

    2. Practice on the ukulele

    I'm a bit untalented for music. But it's great fun to replay tutorials and practice the basics. The journey is the goal, so to speak.

    3. Writing

    I was too quick to settle for what was sufficient. Regular practice + aiming to get better = better quality

    4. Walking

    Most days I make time to just walk for an hour. It has improved my fitness.

    5. Cooking

    If you cook for yourself regularly, you will eventually be able to cook quite well.

    6. Drawing

    Drawing regularly and maybe taking a class has been on my to-do list for a while.

    7. Foreign languages

    More specifically: I keep practicing a bit of Russian on DuoLingo

    8. Idea lists

    It would be an interesting experiment to do this on a really regular basis. @younes is a role model here ;-)

    9. Writing short stories

    More about that later...

    10. Reading aloud

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