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What do I expect to see in the future 

    1. President Kanye

    I was hoping for 2024, but it's looking like it'll be 2028 instead.  

    Trump 2024.  Easy.

    2. AI Scandals

    The media will report on deepfakes they have made, but they'll be sneeky so it can't be traced back to them and will only offer a small quiet apology a few days to a month later.  They'll continue to act as if their conclusions are still true despite it being based of false evidence.

    Similar to how there's always graffiti on a war heros grave that they can use to stir up the flames.  I mean how hard would it be for cameramen to set up a photo for a contravential story that will make the news money?

    Or maybe I'm just crazy.

    3. Non binary decline

    Give it a year and the numbers will drastically drop.  By 6 year's they'll return to the low low numbers of the past.why? It's a high school subculture.  I'd say all trans will drop.

    Some people stay goth, punk, emo ect. after high school, but most don't.

    Trans will also get their own sports category, they'll moan like how some women do that they get less than males, but that will be due to no-one watching.  Maybe at first, but the novelty will wear off.

    4. School 2.0

    School as it is has been a losing system for years.  Now even more so.  Homeschooling will take over and produce better results and as a result of that school's will be forced to change.  Or they'll stop homeschooling to keep people stupid, but I doubt it'll get that bad.

    5. Scientists will become farmers

    Lab grown meat is a difficult process.  Do you know what's easier?  Making a farm into a lab and as a result making normal meat lab grown 😎

    It won't last, but one smart entrepreneur will use this play to make some quick cash.

    6. New era of social media

    Social media as we know it is already dead.  We just don't have a better alternative.  It's coming soon though.  Next year it will build up steam and by 2025 it'll be the next big thing.

    It will be closer to a personal website that has a little bit of everything.  Back to the MySpace Idea rather than the very generic Facebook idea we have now.  Everyone's the same.  Yet we all want to stand out.  This new sm will focus on that.

    7. Peace

    The world will find peace soon.  It'll be like how you remembered life as a kid.  Worry free and full of fun.

    8. Vax side effects

    They'll be long term side effects from the covid vaxes.  They're was always going to be.  I'm not saying they'll be deadly, but something will come out. Getting COVID would be pushed as being far worse so it was still the right choice and antivax (at least with COVID) will sing and dance at being right.  Not all of them, but enough for it to be news worthy.  They'll then get labeled as being sick for finding pleasure in others pain.

    9. Trump assassination

    They've tried everything to stop him.  Getting shot before he takes a second term seems possible.  Unlikely, but it's still something that could happen.

    10. The next Star wars

    A new movie series will come similar to Star wars/Harry Potter levels of madness.  It will also get tons of attacks due to being 'anti woke ' in many aspects.  It's popularity will trigger a resurgence in great movies.

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