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Prevent mental fatigue with 3 simple neuroscience-based work habits.


Have you ever wondered why some people seem to accomplish so much and still have mental capacity to learn more, get a side gig going, get active in the off hours when you just have energy for Netflix and food?

Here’s a thing - there’s a more effective way to use our brain. Your brain isn’t broken - your work routines are.

    1. 📵RESTRICT YOUR PHONE USAGE. 3 reasons.

    Schedule it. Turn notifications off. Use it - VS being controlled by it.

    When your phone is close to you - your cognitive capacities go down.

    When your phone interrupts you - your focus is lost, and it’ll take another 20 minutes to get back to the same level of insight.

    When you don’t schedule your phone usage - you will use it more often, it’s objectively addictive, you’ll lose your mental energy on something totally useless.

    2. ✔️DON’T EVER MULTITASK. You never do it anyway!

    Switching focus - isn’t free.

    The brain can not multitask. All you do is switch your attention from one thing to the other real fast. It a) steals deeper focus and insights from everything you work on b) it’s energetically more costly for the brain than to work on one thing at a time.

    3. ➕BATCH THINGS. Unitasking on steroids.

    Tim Ferriss likes to dedicate each day to specific tasks - like podcasting or long-for writing or calls. It saves A LOT OF MENTAL ENERGY!


    How so?

    Your task switching is at its minimum - this saves energy as we mentioned before.

    You need to make fewer decisions - decisions cost energy.

    You work on the same tasks the whole day - which allows more efficiency with thinking, work-related processes and focus.

    It’s like doing one long-run VS sprint-lift-skip rope-smth else. When doing the same task our body and brain optimize the process on all levels. It happens physically and cognitively. When we do the same activity it’s like finding your beat, once you find it you just flow with it.

    What of these do you apply daily❓

    My next thing is batching activities on certain days - still finding my rhythm with my business at the moment.

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