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Problems and solutions

Some problems I've seen amongst others and how to avoid them. 


    1. Debt

    A few friends have gotten to the point that they need to borrow money. This could be avoided by setting aside money for rent /bills ect. When you get paid. This never gets touched. The rest of the money can then be devided into a daily allowance. If you don't spend one day you can spend double the next day.

    Paid - 1000 

    Rent/bills - 500

    Daily pay per month (30 days) - 17

    Anything you don't spend that month can be put into savings. You could also cut your daily pay by setting aside money for emergencys. 

    2. Anger

    I see a lot of people get angry over nothing. 'Aagghh.... I can't believe they said that', 'did you see what she did?', '' they really should have a vegan option '. Instead of perceiving the world as a perfect heavenly place and getting upset any time it's not, see the world as what it really is, flawed, but slowly getting better. When you encounter a less than perfect world, remind yourself that that is what the world is, flawed. You can offer solutions, but getting angry over what is I, s retarded.

    Don't choose to be offended. It only hurts yourself. 

    3. Victim

    A lot of people look for ways in which they can be a victim. Some even compete with each other to see who is a bigger victim.

    When you're a victim others treat you with compassion and that feels good. So good many become addiction to it. Look on Facebook and you'll soon see #sotrue victim posts. And when you compete to become the biggest victim you soon become one, destroying your life to win at the oppression Olympics. 

    Insted you should seek praise for your strengths. Not share anything that makes you look weak. Don't comfort those playing these games. Seek help, rather than compassion.... 

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