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Projects I've abandoned that should be readdressed

Those little things left undone that bother you and eventually become one big thing you can't even think about.

    1. My novel

    Started way too long ago, recently reread and found grammar to be a problem. I like past tense, editors don't.

    2. Photography

    I have lots of wonderful photos that need to be shared or made into art.

    3. Songs I need to finish

    I love to noodle on my Uke and find great new tunes, and I love to write poems/songs, so this should be a no brainer. But it doesn't happen in one sitting...

    4. Finalizing my back and front yard redesign

    I have a beige thumb. I can plan all I want but I cannot complete without professionals.

    5. Cleaning the garage

    My garage has turned into a basement/storage. There are no basements in Austin, so I don't really mind, but it's getting too cluttered. It doesn't help when children leave behind stuff and you have to save it for them.

    6. Make that walking stick

    I have saved a lovely branch that needs cutting and whittling.

    7. Talk to past band members to see if we can get a new band together.

    Pre Plague I had 2 bands...now I have none. Time to regroup.

    8. Pull out my art supplies and be playful.

    I guess I would rather read, but that's not using my creativity.

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