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Questions to ask to help generate side hustle ideas

Great challenge.

Questions to ask to help generate side hustle ideas

    1. When do people ask me for help?

    These are your areas of expertise.  You probably don't think your that great at any, but the fact that people come to you for help shows that they view you as an expert.

    For example

    people come to me on advice on how to be happier.  I started a comic based on this and have written two books on the subject.

    People come to me for graphic design needs as a result I started my own clothing brand.

    People ask for help with animation, so I've animated music videos.

    You don't need to be great, you just need to be better than the people you're helping.

    2. What skills can I combine?

    People asked me for help in happiness as well as in the art world so I combined both to become part of a smaller neich of specialized people.  I made self improvemet comics.Who else does that?  I then made the neich even smaller by focusing on stoic based advice.  Now I'm the only one (that I know of) doing this.  

    Combine the areas you got for the first question until you find something unique to you.

    3. What gives my life meaning?

    This will ensure you put your all into making it the best it can be.  I want to help people think better and become happier people.  My goals to win the fight against the mental health crisis.

    Meaning doesn't come easily, but if you ask your subconscious 'what is my meaning?' and let it work it's magic in the background of your mind, you'll find your answer.  It might take a month or longer, but keep faith.  You'll get your answer and it'll change your life for the better.

    4. What can I do that will last forever?

    A book lasts forever a dog walking service lasts that shift, then you do it again.

    Products that last forever allow you to make money as you sleep and in my opinion that's much better than having to work again and again.

    You could write a book, make an online course, make a podcast, write a blog, design prints ect.  Work once and get paid for the rest of your life.

    5. How can I make £1?

    When we go to the gym we don't start by lifting the heaviest weights.  When we first pick up the guitar we don't start with DragonForce.  And when learn a new language we don't start with translating legal documents.  What I'm saying is start easy. 

    Too often people want to make millions and never take the first step as they have no clue how to get there.  Take the first step and build up your pace as you grow.

    6. What crap products do I see selling?

    This is how I came up with my clothing brand.  I saw countless t-shirts with bad quotes and poor designs.  I knew that if I could match that I'd make money, but If I could enhance both aspects I'd make a lot of money.

    So look around you for crap and then make it better.  It's crap so even making it bad is better.  

    7. The Rocco Effect

    I asked all these questions when building my brand.  And continue to ask them to plan my next steps.

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