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Questions to help beat deppression

How we think determines how we feel and how we act. Change how you think and you change the world. I had an idea of writing a book full of questions to help people thing better about different situations.

    1. Mental Health

    What am I grateful for today?

    What virtues do I admire about my friends?

    What have I achieved in my life?

    What could my life look like in 5 years, if I do everything right?

    What could my life look like in 5 years, if I do everything wrong?

    What do I bring to my friend group? (Ask them if you struggle)

    What are my favourite quotes? Why?

    What did I learn today?

    What did I do to make someone smile today?

    What have I been thinking about lately? How do these thoughts make me feel?

    What joy do I bring to the world?

    Where are my current actions leading me?

    Where are my current thoughts leading me?

    Where would I like to be?

    How can I show appreciation for my life?

    What would my life look like if I was happy and healthy?

    How does the content I consume affect how I think, feel and act?

    What content do I need to stop consuming? Why?

    What content will I consume more of? why?

    What is and what isn't under my control?

    If things continue as they are who will I become?

    How can I reduce negative thoughts and feelings?

    How can I increase positive thoughts/feelings?

    What makes me awesome?

    What qualities do kids admire about me? (Kids see more than adults)

    Who do I care about?

    How can I improve their lives?

    Am I in control or am I a slave to my emotions?

    What questions should I ask myself daily?

    2. Projects

    If I had enough money what would I work on for fun?

    What could I work on that if successful could change the world?

    What would I like to learn more about?

    What problems could be easily solved?

    Who else would benefit if I solved these problems?

    What areas do I know more than most people?

    How can I simplify this knowledge?

    How can I share this knowledge?

    What skills could I combine, so that I can bring something unique to the world?

    What could I work on today?

    How do I continue to improve this project?

    How could I make money from this project?

    What type of people would benefit from this project?

    Does this work need to be done by me?

    How can I make £1 today?

    How can I improve my brand?

    3. Physical Health

    Were could I walk to today?

    How do I feel after doing yoga, before I sleep?

    If I don't go to the gym what exercises can I still do?

    How would I like to look?

    If I was healthier how would others treat me?

    If I was healthier what opportunities would open up for me?

    How can I make it easier for me to exercise?

    How can I make it harder for me to be lazy?

    What foods do I need to stop buying? Why?

    What foods should I buy? Why?

    How can I make eating healthier easier?

    How can I make eating unhealthy harder?

    When I eat good food how do I feel 30 minutes later?

    When I eat bad food how do I feel 30 minutes later?

    How can I be 1% healthier today?

    4. Soulful

    What are my rules for life?

    What virtues do I admire?

    What virtues do I hate?

    What virtues do I hold?

    How did I manifest my virtues today?

    What actions lead to a good life?

    What actions lead to a bad life?

    What thoughts make me happy?

    What thoughts make me sad?

    How would I like to be remembered?

    What impact do I want to make on the world?

    How can I make the world a better place?

    How should I have acted today?

    Where have I done wrong and how can I make amends?

    How have my failures made me stronger?

    What would life look like if it was easy?

    What are my dreams?

    What actions am I taking to achieve those dreams?

    5. Work

    If a man is called to be a streetsweeper,
    he should sweep streets even as Michelangelo painted,
    or Beethoven composed music, or Shakespeare wrote poetry.
    He should sweep streets so well that all the hosts
    of heaven and earth will pause to say,
    here lived a great streetsweeper who did his job well. -
    Martin Luther King

    What skills am I improving at work?

    What does a good day at work look like?

    What Job would i do if i knew i couldn't fail?

    What job are my current actions leading me to?

    What would I need to do to be ok with losing my job?

    What's stopping me from performing my best work?

    What brings meaning and joy to my job?

    How can I bring happiness to my workplace?

    What thoughts and actions are holding me back from a promotion?

    How can I make others look good?

    How do I make myself irreplaceable?

    Why do I deserve a pay rise/promotion?

    What can I start doing, to make my job role something to be proud of?

    How does my job affect others?

    How can I guarantee a promotion?

    How can I help others, around the world in the same field as me?

    What qualities make you better at your job than most people?

    Who am I serving?

    What can I learn from my workmates?

    What can I learn from my boss?

    If I had the skills what job would I love to have?

    How can I gain those skills?

    How can I make the workplace better for everyone?

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