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Quotes by friends/family

    1. Areas of Focus

    "When you are very young, you have 3 areas of focus: 1. School 2. Social Life. 3. An activity/sport.

    You can only excel in 2/3 areas at a time. "

    This could apply in adulthood. Replace school with work.

    2. "Emotional decisions are almost always bad decisions"

    Take some time to think things through. Abraham Lincoln would sleep a day, before acting on his emotions.

    3. "Work now, play later"

    If you procrastinate, you'll have a harder time later. Get things done and life is easier.

    4. "Network is the key to a good life"

    From a friend's father. His son is now the best networker I know. He always preached to stay in touch with those you meet and be open to talking to anyone.

    5. "Treat others the way you want to be treated"

    Timeless advice.

    6. "Don't sweat the small stuff"

    There are things you should worry about and some things are not worth your time.

    7. "Live"

    A good buddy of mine says you gotta have fun in life. Be energetic. Take chances. Live.

    8. "You'll never see her again"

    If you go to a random place and there's someone you want to ask out, go for it. You'll likely never see them again, so don't feel bad if they reject you. Goes well with #6. And even if you do see them again, as long as you were polite, it won't be a big deal.

    9. "Don't be soft"

    Or the world will eat you up.

    10. "Nothing in life is for free"

    There is some sort of cost to almost any decision.

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