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Random Things I Thought About Today

    1. There are two words for "Trust" in Japanese

    Shinyou and Shinrai.

    Shinyou is the trust that is built based on past results, deeds, and performance. Shinrai means to believe and rely on a person's future actions. Shinyo is important to do business in Japan, but Shinrai is what brings the team together.

    2. Having the right mindset is gold

    3. How to create tenets for my team

    One thing I like about AWS is how they value team autonomy. They have tenets for each team to help them navigate conflicting decisions. The first would be Be Impeccable with Words from the fifth agreement. More in a separate idea list or blog.

    4. Morning journaling is gold

    5. Most important actions are those with delayed rewards

    actions you take to do will save your life or brain 20 years from now. Thinking about this in the context of Alzheimer's and how we can take action now to prevent it.

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