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Random thoughts

Still not feeling great. Slept most of today. So easy list. 

Random thoughts

    1. Narsacist Mom's

    Tons on Facebook. Spending more money than they should on thing's 'for their kids' just so they can fill their Facebook full of pictures /videos of how great they are. I've always seen it for what it was, but looks like it fools some folk which is a shame. 

    2. Overtime

    Overtime is a favour by me, not a reward from you.

    I remember a boss getting upset because I wasn't interested in his 'reward' of extra work /extra money. I don't mind helping folk, but I work enough to get by. Not intrested in doing more. 

    3. Toddlers

    One day a kid goes from crying to get whatever they want to being able to talk. They then get praised for talking. Then after all this praise they ask for something, parent say no, I'll try again, no, no! Nnnoooo! (Michael Scott when he hears Tobys returned) so when talking doesn't work they go back to old faithful, crying. Only to now get shouted at/ hit. I feel bad for the kids. How would you feel if one day all the rules suddenly changed and you got punished for not following them? 

    4. Junkieman /the matrix

    When you take the drug you can see /manipulate the matrix. I've had this idea for a while now. I'll write out a draft soon. 

    5. Sleep is exhausting

    All I've done today is sleep and I'm still exhausted. Hopefully I'm back to normal tomorrow. 

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