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Random words – plots for thrillers

It is time for using that Python script that combines random words again. This time, I am using the best five of the following combinations to think about plots for thrillers:


    1. filename – electricity

    A physicist has died. He saved a concept for a new type of energy source in a file. This file is to be made generally accessible via the Internet. However, it suddenly disappears.

    2. homeland – diagnostic

    In the Secret Service, scientists have developed a method to classify the stability of countries. Experimenting with applying the analysis to their own country, they come to a disturbing conclusion.

    3. wire – empire

    A large corporation manages to buy up all the telephone lines in a country and lease them to the state telecom company because this has advantages for the state budget. Apparently, this company collects and analyzes all data that is transmitted over the lines.

    4. precision – newfoundland

    From a military point of view, North America is an easily defendable island. A hostile power manages to sneak a drone through Newfoundland airspace into the United States through a blind spot in the defenses. This operation succeeds thanks to extreme precision.

    5. procedure – essay

    What exactly is this magical activity called thinking? An artificial intelligence works according to an algorithm for creating essays with deep insights. These essays do indeed provide answers to pressing questions facing humanity.

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