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RayInNJ's Vices

So, what 'naughty' things do I do these days? Well, nothing exciting at all, but there are a few things I do that I could easily (or not, in the case of #1) do without.

RayInNJ's Vices

    1. Coffee

    While I usually don't have it after 11am, I do drink about 50 ounces a day. One mug for the car ride in, and early AM, and a thermos to refill the mug about 8 or 9am. I do also drink another 70-80 ounces of water during the rest of the day

    Blood pressure is good, so I don't sweat it.

    2. Social Media

    Mostly FB for busting friends chops, circulating funny memes, and sharing pictures. No politics.

    X/Twitter for reading about what's going on in the world from a variety of views. Don't post (other than public lists here who do post), just read.

    3. Macadamia nuts

    From Mauna Loa in Hawaii. Pricey, but healthy. Usually an order every other month, eaten as a snack in the late morning at work.

    4. Cheese

    From Cheese Bros. An order of about $80 lasts me about a month. Green onion cheddar and the cranberry walnut spread are to die for. A bit with lunch each day, once in a while in the evening.

    5. Supplements

    Take about a dozen different supplements... but am cutting down with a liquid multi that makes it easier to get what I need (?) rather than a bunch of pills.

    6. Fermented Foods

    Buy pickles, olives, sauerkraut from OliveMyPickle. All are fermented, which is supposed to provide probiotics and thus good for you. I love the taste. This is about a twice a year indulgence. Might try getting the equipment to do it myself.

    7. Pumpkin butter

    Ordered recently when the kid wanted to try Limburger cheese spread, to make the order limit. Very sweet, and since I am trying to avoid bread, needed to have something to eat it on / with. Tried 50/50 mix with softened cream cheese and am sold on it as a sweet treat. And the local farmer's market folks sells it, so I don't have to order online.

    8. Pain remedies (topical)

    Use several of them for the shoulders / knees / hips. Really should get the left shoulder "done" but have only heard bad things from folks I know who have had shoulder surgeries. These do allow me to avoid taking OTC pain pills. Sucks getting old.

    9. Apps

    These days trying a lot of AI apps (but only if free or a free to try option) to learn about it and what it can do to make my life a bit easier. Phone apps less so.

    10. Health Hacks

    Starting to get into this. Never too late, I guess, to get my sh*t together...

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