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RE: Where do I hope to be in 10 years?

Hopefully, over the next ten years, I'll be richer, wiser, and more healthy @easymoneyme. Below is my personal roadmap on how I'll get there:


    1. Better Health

    I want to be in better health over the next ten years. Examples of better health include lowering my blood pressure and losing 20+ pounds. To reach this goal, I will make dietary changes by eating more fruits and vegetables to keep me feeling my best. Additionally, I plan to exercise more often to improve my physical health. Exercise to me includes activities like cycling, walking, and light weight training. Finally, I will focus on my mental health by practicing mindfulness and journaling. These two activities will help me express my feelings and work through any emotional issues that arise.

    2. Self Employed

    Another goal I have is to be self-employed. To achieve this in the next ten years, I will start a business in an area of expertise that I am passionate about. For me, the business I'm thinking of is the online publishing business. My passion is investing and personal finance. This goal will need a little money and a little time. I will take the necessary steps to ensure I have enough time and money to invest in growing my business. Additionally, I need to develop business skills like email marketing to create value.

    3. Home Owner

    I am so tired of renting!

    For once, I'd like to own a home than rent one.

    Another goal I have over the next ten years is to be a homeowner. Owning a home will provide me with security and stability and an investment in my future. I have to continue saving money for a 20% down payment that will give me the chance of owning a home. Homeownership will give me a sense of accomplishment as I make a home my own through home improvements.

    4. City Dweller

    Living in a big city is another goal of mine in ten years' time. City living provides convenience and access to medical care as well as many cultural activities. I want to take advantage of fun things to do in a big city at any given moment. From trying out new restaurants or exploring museums, I love the hustle and bustle of city life! My goal is to live in a big city somewhere along the east Coast, like Pittsburgh or Cleveland where major colleges are.

    5. Continuously Learning

    I must continuously learn and develop new skills to reach my goals in the next ten years. To do this, I plan to read books, take online courses, and watch YouTube videos related to the fields I seek to become an expert in. Those fields are biotechnology and web3 digital assets. Additionally, I want to grow personally by taking actions that make me more sociable. I am naturally reticent and will shed my reticence by attending more MeetUp events over time. Continually educating myself personally and professionally will help me become a better person, 1% at a time.

    6. Not Single

    In ten years' time, I no longer want to be single. I want to be in a committed relationship with a loving partner who is appreciative, compassionate, and respectful. To achieve this, I plan to increase social opportunities for meeting women at events where we share common interests. After dating for a little while, I plan to show affection for the "one" through loving kindness and words of affirmation. Also, I will listen without judgment and offer her emotional support when needed. Finally, I will celebrate her accomplishments as we continue our loving journey together.

    7. Good Friend

    Over the next ten years, I want to be more of a good friend who offers support, encouragement, and loyalty. To do this, I plan on making new friends and keeping in touch with old friends through weekly text messages and weekend lunches. Additionally, I will be there to support friends I care about in times of need. Finally, I will be a source of joy and always be honest with my friends when needed.

    8. Prolific Writer

    I want to be a prolific writer who finds creative expression through writing in ten years. To achieve this goal, I plan on writing consistently and pushing myself to create meaningful new content. I will promote my work online and on social media platforms and connect with like-minded writers. The longer I write, the better I can become. Over time, I hope my work will live on when I can no longer write as often.

    9. World Traveller

    My last goal for the next ten years is to become a world traveler. I plan on taking every opportunity to gain memorable experiences from traveling abroad. To do this, I plan to save money for trips to places like Italy every two years. When there, I plan to eat local cuisines and have meaningful conversations with native Italians about their culture. Taking part in foreign adventures around the globe would bring me great joy!

    That's my ten-year to-be list in a nutshell.

    Can't wait to meet the new me ten years from now!

    I wonder what he'll say about my love of sweatpants?

    Thanks for reading!

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