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Real Costs of Inflation (USA)

February just came out and met expectations of 6% YoY increase. Here's what I personally am seeing.

    1. Housing/Rent Prices high, but coming down some

    Been looking at various cities to potentially move to, all of them prices are coming down from last year. Good sign, for most people. Suppose it makes sense to a normal person like me with higher interest rates.

    2. Food costs are nuts

    Every single restaurant has raised prices and their quality has probably gone done. Luckily, it has been a reason to eat at home more, but quality food from the grocery is brutally high. Eggs, meats, veggies, everything I see is much higher than a few years ago. I wonder if this ever comes in? Restaurants also don't have enough workers, so you are paying more for likely worse service. No thanks.

    3. Gas is down

    Under $3 in many places now.

    4. Tuition

    Every school I've seen has raised prices. My children's included. Colleges I hear have done the same.

    5. Car prices flat to down?

    Only from what I hear. I know it was wild a year or so ago. Supply chain issues?

    6. Flights are expensive

    Corona-cheap flights are no longer the norm.

    7. Insurance costs up

    Mine, luckily, not too bad.

    8. Real Wages down

    Normal folks are not keeping up. Know a lot of people who have gotten 2-7% raises in the last year. It seems nice, but would assume everyone is losing out overall.

    9. Rich get richer

    My business owner friends have all gotten PPP loans and now ERC loans that they do not need. This is not talked about at all in the media. Not even sure people are aware. While the Right is upset about student loan relief, I haven't heard them say one thing about ERC relief.

    10. Electronics always down?

    Haven't seen/heard about this getting much worse. They always seem to trend down and I don't really purchase such things.

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