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Reality Show Ideas

    1. The Real Housewives of Beijing

    How do the Chinese elite live?

    2. The White House - Downtown Abbey

    The house staff vs. the government staff.

    Or just follow around all the interesting players in the white house.

    3. 3 A.M. Los Angeles

    James had a show that took place at night in NYC. Lets see the same show in Los Angeles.

    - Miami

    - Chicago

    4. Make You A Millionaire

    James did a series about making someone a millionaire.

    Lets see the TV show happen. Someones's climb to a million dollars.

    5. Buckingham Palace

    What goes on on a daily basis. House staff and royals.

    6. New York Times Newsroom

    What is it like creating the stories for the NYT.

    7. Vogue BTS

    What is it really like creating a fashion magazine or a fashion house?

    8. Flight Attendants

    Follow a group of new flight attendants and all the tantics they get into.

    9. Mental Hospital

    What is it really like working at a mental hospital

    10. Addiction anonymous

    Follow individuals and staff that deal with addiction issues.

    11. DEA daily

    Follow around drug enforcement agents and tell their stories.

    12. Marriage counseling

    Every episode is a marriage counseling session.

    13. Netflix

    Follow around people that work at Netflix coming up with new programming.

    14. Disney parks

    Follow around people that work at the parks.

    15. CIA, NSA, Homeland Security

    Would be really interesting to see what the staff of those agencies does on a day to day basis.

    16. Silicon Valley

    Follow a tech startup.

    17. Doggie day care or Zoo day care

    Follow a pet day care and show off all the different animals.

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