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Reasons I'm Introducing my 13 Year-Old To The Bullet Journal Method

    1. Attention Deficit

    While he doesn't have an ADHD diagnosis he does have some tendency in this direction. I think many of his generation will due to exposure to modern electronic media. Attention deficit has been correlated to even 20th Century television viewing, and YouTube, TikTok, Instagram, etc. all move faster (shorter duration, no commercial interruption, instant gratificiation) and demand less patience. The founder of the Bullet Journal Method did it to help with his own ADHD.

    2. Analog Format - Time Away From Screens

    Simply the ritual of recording in the journal gives him something to do besides glue his eyes to a screen. We try to limit his screen time, but providing alternatives isn't always straightforward. Even if you live on a sub-urban street, it seems you can't simply send kids outside to find other kids to play with nowadays.

    3. Recording the Dog Days of Summer

    Summer holidays are rather unstructured, and I think it's good for just about anyone to be able to look back on where the day went. Along similar lines, we need to see where the hours, weeks and months went.

    4. Motivation

    Recording chores, reading and any other constructive activities helps foster a sense of accomplishment.

    5. Memories/Emotions

    Regular journaling has the purpose of recording a memoir - bullet journaling can fulfil the same purpose. Hopefully, he'll be able to look back on the Summer of '23 wistfully.

    6. Progress Tracking

    He trains in Competitive Men's Artistic Gymnastics. I"m hopeful that he records new skills achieved or what he's spending his 4-hour training blocks on.

    7. Executive Functioning

    He had a less-than-stellar report card. Plenty of exams/assignments/projects had high grades, but his average was brought down by a high number of incompleted tasks. We'd check in with him, asked the teacher to flag when he wasn't handing things in, and tried consulting the school's online homework page. Often the work was done, it simply didn't cross the finish line to the teacher's desk. I'm hoping a little tracking will keep him somewhat more focused and improve his memory of deadlines and tasks.

    8. Intention/Mindfulness

    Writing down a task/goal sets an intention for your day. Completing it (and recording that completion) brings you back to the moment of having realized that intention. It's good to stay in the present day rather than worrying about the future or regretting the past.

    9. Bonding

    Making sure our journals are up-to-date, reviewing at the end of the day, planning are all activities we can do together or at least simultaneously.

    10. Inspiration

    He may develop his own rules/methods/systems that I can adopt/adapt.

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