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Reasons to Search Out Library Book Sales

Thanks to the inspiration from the list @eyegor made about used bookstores. I use this site to find sales.

    1. It's an inexpensive way to add to your personal library

    Usually, I see books range between .50-$2. Or there's the fun fill a bag types that can be $5-$12

    2. You'll find books in perfect condition

    Seriously - mint, never read, condition.

    3. You're helping the local library

    The funds from these book sales usually go towards library programs, passes to museums, and other neat things for your library.

    4. It's a fun way to see new libraries

    I love walking through libraries. And different areas/libraries have different types of books at their sales. It's fascinating.

    5. There's also music, movies, puzzles, and games at many of them

    Something for everyone!

    6. You can discover new towns and areas as well

    From the quaint, tiny town to the large city, each area has its own vibe and feel.

    7. Popular books aplenty

    That book that was all the rage? There will be a whole bunch of those.

    8. And rare or out of print books

    My partner collects books about air disasters, finances, Star Trek, and other things. Stuff that he can't easily find for purchase, he may hit the jackpot and find at a library book sale.

    9. If you don't like a book, you can donate it again

    And let somebody else purchase it, giving the library some more funds.

    10. You may find something you didn't know you were looking for

    I've discovered many wonderful books through library sales.

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