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Reasons to write a book

I have followed @JamesAltucher for a long time. From early books like Choose Yourself to his crypto stuff... It's always been inspiring. Write books from ideas... I believe that's the reason he started NotePD. It's so helpful. Thank you @JamesAltucher


    1. The practice of writing every day expands the mind

    2. It builds confidence in writing when you actually do it every day

    3. NotePD has been inspiring in the practice of writing every day

    4. I've gotten the chance to read accomplished writers first drafts, the sometimes aren't so good. It screams "write the first draft, you've got this!"

    5. In my niche (dogs), people need to hear what my 22 years in coaching dogs and their people have learned in order to do life well played. Write the book.

    6. Commitment. A commitment to do finish anything changes perspective on how you do anything and everything in life.

    7. Writing allows me to teach what I know to hundreds and thousands, versus one on one limited access

    8. Articulation is an art. You cannot develop articulation without practicing. Writing is a constant practice in articulation.

    9. Stating what you believe to the world. This can be the thing that stops so many from publishing what they write. Practice stating what you believe by writing it.

    10. Mastery. So many give up before they master anything . 10,000 hours. Become masterful at writing and the game of communication just got a whole lot better.

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