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reasons why managers do work below their pay grade

    1. They are insecure

    They don't want to be fired and they think this will keep them from being fired.

    2. They are lazy

    They don't want to do the work because it's hard, takes a long time, and is not rewarding in the short term.

    3. They are greedy and/or incompetent

    They see an opportunity to make money (by taking bribes or other schemes) so they do the job below their pay grade so they can collect all the bribes. They also don't want to learn how to do the job well if they are incompetent at it.

    4. They are psychopaths

    They like hurting people or getting revenge on people above them by sabotaging their work.

    5. I'm not sure but here's some other reasons I've heard over time.

    - The manager doesn't have enough power over his direct reports so he wants more direct reports under him so he has more control. - The manager doesn't know how to manage up and wants to avoid dealing with senior managers.- The manager wants to take credit for successes but not blamed for failures.- A combination of all of these things.

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