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Reasons why your next firearm purchase should be chambered in .357 Magnum

You can likely sum this entire list by simply saying Versatility. But this is a versatile choice in many different ways.

    1. Uses

    Whether you are looking for a pocket gun for everyday carry, a firearm for home defense, hunting, or just fun plinking at the range; there is a .357 for you.

    2. Type of firearm

    Not only do .357s come in both rifles and handguns, there is also a wide variety within these two larger categories. More on this later.

    3. Caliber

    Almost all .357s can safely chamber and fire .38 Special as well.

    4. Power

    You can find heavy .357 ammo that is suitable for hunting deer and other medium game. You can also shoot very light .38 Sp. loads for plinking and target competition. There are even cartridges loaded with shot for close range snake and vermin control.

    5. Rifle. / Pistol combo.

    You can pair a .357 rifle with a .357 handgun and keep both fed with a single source of ammunition

    6. Handgun variety

    While mostly known as a revolver cartridge, .357s are also available in pistols. Or even derringers.

    7. Rifle variety

    The most common examples are the lever action rifles of cowboy fame, but other options are available. Single shots, pump action, bolt action, and even over/under combination guns are available.

    8. Availability

    Most stores that carry any type of ammunition will have some .38 Spec. and/or .357 Mag around. Even during the ammo shortage in the current pandemic, this ammo was available. Even if it was more difficult.

    9. Reputation

    While the ideas around “stopping power” are inconclusive and open to interpretation; the .357 Magnum‘s effectiveness is not. Both statistical and testimonial evidence rates it as one of the best self defense and police cartridge of all time.

    10. One might be all you need.

    With a cartridge this versatile, one firearm may cover all your needs.

    For example with the same 4” barreled revolver you could:

    participate in a variety of competitive shooting sports

    carry either open or concealed for self defense

    hunt small and medium game

    Use as a nightstand/home defense firearm

    take to the range or the field for informal plinking.

    11. Not a military caliber

    Some countries limit or restrict civilians from owning firearms chambered in calibers used by police or the military. No such problem for the .357

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