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Collin Harness


Reduce your fixed expenses

Grow the gap and invest the difference.

The gap between your income and your expenses should always be increasing and then save and invest the difference between the 2.

Biggest expenses:

- House

- Car

- Food

- Debt

- Children

    1. Rent V. Buying

    Buy or rent less than you can afford. Live with roommates if possible. Buy something that needs a little work.

    2. Car

    Pay cash for a car. Try to finance as little as possible.

    Don't lease.

    Maintain your car. I always forget this one, but it is important. Change the oil, get your car serviced. Keep your car in good shape so that it lasts as long as possible. The more maintenance you do the less you will have to spend in the long run.

    3. Food

    Costco. Buy in bulk and use a cash back credit card. Less cost per unit.

    Buy fruit on sale from grocery store circulars.

    Meal prep. Dinners, snacks, drinks

    Create a grocery list of standard items you always buy.

    4. YNAB - You Need A Budget

    Track your spending.

    This app helps you get ahead of your money

    5. Preplan as much as possible.

    House, food, cars, travel, clothing.

    6. Buy clothes discount or buy/swap used

    This is big for children. Try to buy as many things as possible at a discount or get hand me down from other people. Kids grow out of clothes fast so there are a lot of used goods at there that children could enjoy.

    7. Limit your streaming services

    There are lots of different streaming platforms out there. Cancel ones that are not being used and limit the ones you have at each time.

    8. Have a gratitude practice

    Look at all the things you do have instead of all the things you are lacking.

    Try and get rid of FOMO.

    9. Create

    The more time you spend creating the less time you will have for spending money. When you have more free time you are more likely to go shopping.

    10. Use your local resources

    Libraries have a lot of resources you can share these days.

    You friends probably have stuff you can borrow. But treat their stuff with respect.

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