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Reflect on The Past Week And List 10 Things You are Grateful For

Last week was a great week, and I am totally grateful.

    1. NotePD

    Putting in some serious effort in writing here has been a great exercise, and going through the feed checking your lists has been mind-opening and joyous.

    2. Bonus

    Because of the global economic crisis, we have been facing some monetary problems, and last Friday my boss announced that we will get a bonus wage! Which will relieve us of most of the hurdles!

    3. Friends

    I spent Sunday with a couple of friends, and it was a great day.

    4. These Gratitude Challenges

    I used to write gratitude lists every day, and it helped me see the world in a more positive light. These challenges by @VictorGo brought back the habit, and I am looking forward to seeing the day's challenge!

    5. The Duke

    It was a great movie, and we enjoyed it a lot: https://www.imdb.com/title/tt11204094/

    6. Netflix Comedy Specials

    We are trying to watch one per day, and we are having so much fun. Laughter is the best medicine!

    7. Weather

    Lately, we have had the perfect weather. It is neither hot, nor cold. It is juuuust right.

    8. Muse

    The Lady Muse has been favoring me! Finding topics, writing, and researching has been easy and fun.

    9. Study Schedule

    I want to level up my writing, so I have been focusing on studying and improving rather than just writing. I didn't waste any time last week, and I am proud.

    10. Walks by the Sea

    We took a couple of long walks by the sea, and I enjoyed them tremendously. I cannot imagine living in a city with no waterfront.

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