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Reflecting on my life so far

Thought it would be fun to trace my life so far. 

    1. Born

    On the 19th May 1991 the world was blessed by the birth of a new saviour. Me. Tears of joy were shead around the world. People flocked from all over the UK to the hospital I was in to catch a glymps of the king of Kings.  That's how I imagine it went anyway. Strangely, even though I was there I can't remember a thing, but I like to imagine that it went down this way. 

    2. Camping indoors

    This is when I was about 6/7 I honestly can't remember anything up till then apart from playing zelda on the snes, but that could have been later I played zelda a lot. Anyway I stayed over at a friend's for new years (or maybe it was just a normal weekend. Who knows.) we set a tent up indoors and slept there for the night.

    I also remember sliding down the stairs in pillow cases and watching freakazoid. But this happened most days I was round his house. 

    3. Grandad died

    This happened when I was 8.  I went to my grans house for lunch as school was a quick walk from her house. My uncle took all the kids to the side and told us the news. After eating we returned to school, but all I remember was crying. I'm not sure if I got sent home or not, but I was sad for a long time after that.

    I remember their was a wake at my grans house and I couldn't help wondering why everyone was partying. My grandads brother looked his double, I'm sure I thought he was back. 

    4. Pokemon

    I think I'm about 9 now. I got a gameboy for Christmas and recently got really into pokemon. I saw that red and blue were out so I started saving pennys in order to buy myself it. After what seems like months I bought myself it. I was the coolest kid in school. I played it non stop. I loved that game. 

    5. Isle of Wight

    Just before the millennium, (or maybe it was just after, around then anyway.) we moved to a small island at the bottom of England. Mum found a new job there and I think she needed to get away after my grandads death for a bit. I loved the Isle of Wight. I hated it at first though. Moving away from all my friends. I was the odd kid being Scottish, but I was also an artist and my pokemon drawings soon led me to making friends. 

     remember getting punched just as I left class at the end of the day. Walked out the door, then out of nowhere, bam! I don't know why and I remember us both becoming good friends not long after this. 

    I had packed lunch for my lunch. Back in Scotland we refer to this as being a packi, but in the Isle of Wight they referred to it as 'sandwiches' I ate rolls, not sandwiches so this was confusing. Side note - my cousin said to my gran 'don't worry if people call Rocco a packi they're not being racist, it means he's a packlunch.' 

    I have flashes of other things, especially the beach and the wizards tower at the end of it, but no stories are coming to mind. Side note - gran referred to the Isle of Wight as the Isle of shite. 

    6. Newcastle

    I was now 11. Mum got a new job and we'd be closer to home. I hated it. Starting over yet again. They were all obsessed with football and I hated it. I was very much an introvert here.

    I remember getting my first gundam model here. I loved building that. 

    My English teacher had us search for rhyming words. I failed this 'easy assignment' due to not realising that mud rhymed with should, would and could.

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