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Nicola Fisher


Reflecting on the past week

This is list 300! How did that happen?

    1. Recruitment

    I've recruited two new staff this week and I'm excited for them to join our team. Not just because they will be great additions but because the extra two people will enable us to reorganise and restructure, prioritise and move forward in better ways.

    2. New ideas and input

    Sometimes you just need ideas from the right source. Today I met with someone from a partner organisation for the first time. It opened up a wealth of possibilities.

    3. Talk is good

    I've had a number of one to ones this week with my team. Spending focused time each month is, for me, essential. It's a great way to keep a finger on the pulse of what's going on, get feedback, discover issues, and successes. Plus lots of observations about the direction we can take. I've had some really good conversations.

    4. Positive and productive

    Some weeks it feels as though you're wading through mud. This week has been positive in so many different ways and also very productive.

    5. Workload

    I will still have to do some catch up this weekend but the week has been more balanced. I've been more aware of not burning the candle at both ends and it's helped.

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