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Reflections on 30 days of consistently writing 10 ideal lists on notepd

Some reflection on being consistent for 30 days.

“I pray to be like the ocean, with soft currents, maybe waves at time. More and more, I want the consistency rather than the highs and lows.” – Drew Barrymore

    1. A second brain

    The web app is great as a second brain. I write ideas in digital format that I can use later for a blog post, Twitter thread, or even a course or a book.
    I can use tags to categorize ideas, favor idea lists for inspiration, and search for them anytime. Search needs some improvements, but you get the idea. Using the web app with other note-taking tools, I can create my second brain's ultimate idea generation machine.

    2. Seeing ideas everywhere

    The other day I was at a 7/11 (Japanese version) store. I could not help but build a list of 10 interesting products that may be unique to Japan. I will probably write that list. The point is, I start seeing the idea list everywhere. I bet I can come up with 100 idea lists just by walking Harajuku street :)

    3. Consuming through the lenses of producing

    This is a big one. It manifested more when I started writing the 10 idealists. I have always been careful about what I consume, be it books, articles, Netflix, etc. When I began writing a daily idea list, I noticed I am a more active consumer. When I read a book, I want to write the best quotes, 10 or 20 or even 100 best highlights, etc. The same with watching a documentary. How can I write a 10 idea list from a cooking program? The Great British Baking Show. Wait for this one ;)

    4. Stretching my thinking muscles

    Sometimes ideas do not just flow. I stop at idea No. 6. But only when you start squeezing more ideas out of a topic is when the idea muscles grow.

    5. Breaking projects into ideas

    The idea lists help break a book into chapters, chapters into sections, and sections into bullet points. A book section can be a blog with 10 idea list expanded.
    I already have a queue of articles I want to write based on my generated idea list.

    6. Using challenges to elicit information

    Challenges are a good way to elicit ideas and information from a great community. People are always willing to respond to a challenge. We can use it to ask questions relevant to what we do. I have seen it with a couple of challenges, like ideas to use office space. This is great!

    7. Public commitment

    I am working on a couple of projects that I listed in one of my idea lists.
    The list first made me think about what else I could do, and I came up with ideas that I am currently exploring.
    People are committing to writing books and are writing them and publishing them. This is beautiful!

    8. Test ideas and learn from others

    People like and comment on good ideas. That is great feedback. I saw ideas about monetizing TikToks, I am not sure if anyone has tested any of the ideas, but if you are using the platform, you can borrow and test some of these ideas. Or You can write an idea list about how you plan to test your ideas and see if you get any feedback. Of course, you can test ideas in many ways, but notepd is a free and quick one. I think :)
    Also, I have learned a lot from other idea lists. The community is fantastic.

    9. Challenges for slow days

    On a slow day, I can borrow the brain of others and simply take up a challenge. No drama! But keep writing ;)
    And there are many cool, thought-provoking challenges.

    10. Building a writing habit

    I am using the idea list to build a writing habit. Sometimes I can just write a good title and fill in 3 ideas. That is all I need to go from there.

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