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Reflections on death

I was at a funeral for my old scout leader today.  So death's back on my mind.  

Reflections on death

    1. Leave every situation happy

    I didn't realise that this was a psychological bias when I first used it, but after some research I relied this is using the peak end rule to your advantage.  This bias states that we remember the peak and end of an experience, so by dragging something out and ending on a happy note we can change people's memories of the whole event.

    Leaving every situation happy allows us to be at peace should someone die suddenly. It allows us to know that the last memory they had of us was a happy one.  

    If a situation is bad drag it out until you can find common ground so that you can both leave happy.

    Even without death this is useful.  Leaving situations happy means people will want to see you again.

    2. AI me

    AI is trained on data, so given enough time and enough data about someone AI can essentially make them live forever.  At least close enough to be indistinguishable from the real person.  They can answer questions in a similar manner.  Write post as if it's the real person.  In time video data could allow for artificial video memories to be made.

    I wrote a lot more about this here. -

    3. Memories

    When we die all that remains of us is memories.  I think it's important to spread good memories to as many people as possible that way even in death you'll live on.

    You're value's and dreams don't need to die.  Inspired others and they can live on in them.

    4. The past

    The past is already owned by death, never to return.  We don't care as part of it lives on with us.  If we focus on what lives on after death it can give us the energy to keep moving forward ourselves.

    5. Afterlife

    I don't believe in heaven or hell.  You're consensus/soul look's like it's just electrical impulses in your mind.  Once that stops, 'you' are gone.

    I'd prefer to be wrong and live in a magical paradise forever, but nothing so far has convinced me of that yet.

    If this is it you really need to make every moment count.

    6. Music

    Life is a lot like music.  The goal of music isn't to reach the end. If that was the point all song's would be one note.  It's about the whole song.  The emotional journey it takes you through..  

    We know beautiful music when we hear it and we know a beautiful life when we see it. Enjoy the journey and make it magical.

    This song makes this point a lot clearer than I do - 

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