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I love the concept of framing.  By changing the frame you change how you see.  Here's a few from the top of my head.

    1. Suicide is the coward's way out

    I saw a post about how people that commit suicide aren't selfish and they're brave ect.  I've never seen anything more idiotic and stupid.

    You can't save those that are dead, but you can save those who are still here.  What's more likely to kill them saying that the act is courageous and selfless or by saying it's cowerdly and selfish?

    Framing isn't about being true, it's about what leads to the best results.

    2. Do the minimum amount of work (and no less) that's what you're getting paid for

    I've seen a lot of people work harder than they should (I did too) and for what?  Nothing.

    You're paid to complete a minimum amount of work, if doing more doesn't benefit you, why do it?

    3. It's all propaganda

    It's not about sharing the news.  It's about sharing a narrative and using the news as a way to do it.

    They're feeding new frams to your subconscious 'people like this are evil, stupid, dangerous ' 'people like this are good, kind, brave ' next time you watch/read the news try and pick out the frames they're feeding you.before long you'll be seeing it in everything.

    4. Do I want to raise kids with them?

    Asking this before you get with someone is a great way to prevent abortion, heartache and a tough future.

    To me this has always been obvious.  Looks like many priorities sex than thinking about their future. 

    Staying together is best, but I said raise because even if a relationship doesn't happen you'll need to raise the kid together.  Finding someone you can do that with is key.

    5. Growth is the key to happiness

    Work on yourself or a project a little each day, track the progress and you'll sleep happy.  Those that don't have a project soon fall into depression.

    Look around yourself and ask if the depressed folks are working on themselves or a project?  I doubt it.

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