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Reframing is game-changing

Practice the art of reframing. Put a new meaning on your observations and the quality of your life will improve. 

    1. That guy just cut me off

    He's rushing to his wife in the hospital who might be taking her last breath. Everyone, get out of his way!

    2. This guy is going too slow

    The speed at which this person is driving might be preventing me from a terrible accident up ahead. He could be saving my life.

    3. This lady just cut in front of me in line

    She might be late for an interview that will completely change the trajectory of her life. She is oblivious because she's nervous.

    4. This server is not giving me good service

    Her life may be upside down right now. I'm so lucky to be able to go out to eat and enjoy my time on a Friday night while she's here hustling for the hope of a 15% tip to pay her electric bill.

    5. My power went out

    Inconvenient, yes. But my ancestors didn't have power. They read by candlelight. They didn't have running water. I'm so grateful that I have electricity in the first place.

    6. I'm running late for work because of traffic

    How late will I really be? A few minutes? Time will pass either way. Enjoy the extra minutes of the podcast. Tell your significant other that you love them.

    7. I'm hungry

    Am I really hungry, or am I bored? My ancestors went hungry for days until they could find food. They survived famines. Waiting a couple hours to eat isn't going to kill me.

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