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Replica, an exact copy or model of something

If you are able to pick up what I'm throwing down you will know a "secret" that most of the world doesn't know.
It's not new and it's not a secret.
Your inner world and your outer world are an exact match.
Your outer world It's an exact replica of your state of mind.
A carbon copy.
But you think they are different.
Your world is going to turn around and look right back at you.
You can't make it not do what it does but you can change how you choose to view the world.
You believe by changing your boss, the president, your husband, your wife, your child, your money or living situation that your inner life would be different.

    1. Thoughts do not leave their source.

    The negative thoughts you have about Bob remain with you.
    Thoughts do not hop out of the mind and fall to the floor.
    There is no line of demarcation where a thought begins and ends.
    Your thoughts are always with you.
    You are a thought in the mind of God.
    Thoughts do not leave their source. You remain with God.
    You can't escape it and if you could where would you go?
    The best you could do is to go to sleep.

    2. Having a shift in perception is foreign to most.

    You think you know exactly what you're seeing, hearing, touching, smelling, or tasting or you think you know the exact meaning of what anything means but I would invite you to think again.
    The time to have a shift in thinking is the very moment you're about to lose self-control.
    In that moment, everything changes, you experience a Holy Instant.
    Who thinks about anything spiritual when things appear to be going well?

    Some examples of what is begging to be healed...

    "My mom didn't love me"
    "My dad was an old drunk good-for-nothing kind of guy."
    "I do all the work but my colleague is credited for the work I do."
    Are you stressed out about money, the toilet seat being left up, the weather, or you don't like the way you look?
    These are the precise moments that you ask for a different way of looking at the situation that is not distressing to your peace of mind.
    If you're not willing to look at the situation in a different way right now, then when?
    Whatever it is that is disturbing has popped into your awareness to be healed and the worst that can happen is for you to push it back down.
    The world is a mirror. Don't try and fix the mirror - you've been admonished.

    3. You are still clean.

    The screen always starts off with a blank canvas.
    If blood, guts, and horror are projected onto a movie screen what happens at the end of the movie? Nothing
    After the movie is done do you then have to clean up the crime scene? Nope
    Why? Because nothing really happened, it was just a projection a projection of images on a screen.
    Similarly, you are projecting all movie genres on the screen of life.
    From what I see, some of you really enjoy comedies and cartoons.
    Some wouldn't know how to live without a drama or dramedy in their life.
    Still, there are others who choose to watch nothing but horror films.
    What is projected onto the screen doesn't impair the screen whatsoever.
    No matter what you project onto the screen (Self) nothing has gone wrong.
    There's been no damage done.
    You are still clean.
    God has your back. 
    God only gives, he doesn't take.

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