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Repurposing The Idea of Motivation (Movies/Shows Used Outside of Entertainment Alone)

There is a misnomer, a miscalculation for motivation. It is said to be bullshit but really it's simply missing time. Time, if used for recalibrating, is the missing factor when downplaying motivation.

Often we see things in the moment and are emotionally caught off guard.

Motivation isn't bullshit. It's improbable for larger goals. However, we still need small stones to walk across if we wish to cross the river without being sucked into the rapids and having our heads bashed on the rocks.

Habits are for when emotions override our Spock-like plans. Because plans are not human, they do not care for what we feel, they are only the outcome of habits.

Motivation is the connection between habit and the outcome. The emotional tie, the pliable yet strong sinew between bone and muscle.

Anyway, I like to think while watching certain shows and/or movies.

PRIMAL is a show that does give this "stringy" motivational connection.

There is a lot of depth without words.

I am fully aware and ok of my projections onto and into this show. Which is another reason I love it. It again reiterates the point of motivation being a connector, rather than a generator.

However, just because you use a screw for some wood projects. . . doesn't mean there isn't value in nails. Even if you think everything is a hammer.

10 notions held within the episodes. . .


    1. Power

    2. Societal Chaos

    3. Humanity Represented in His Own Loss

    4. Survive at All Costs

    5. Pivoting

    6. Face Fear

    7. Being Objective

    8. The Greater Good

    9. Trust

    10. Competitiveness

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