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Return to work

Today I returned to work. doc said that returning to Normality would help me out.

    1. New book

    I wrote a fair bit today.  The more I write the more I understand why people make stupid decisions.  

    2. Work

    I would have never expected that I'd have the energy to do as much as I've done.  Time flew in today.  I've still got an hour left after my break, but that should be easy.

    3. Sick

    My workmate stated that I didn't seem myself last time I was in.  I knew I wasn't myself, good to have confirmation off others.  Least I know I'm not crazy.

    4. Pub

    I might go out later.  I'm still not drinking alcohol though.  I'm happy enough without it.  No point.

    5. Feeling

    I wasn't looking forward to coming back.  I thought the stress would break me and I'd be back at square one, but I was wrong.  The fact that I've been able to do as much as I've done has cheered me up.  I guess I had more energy than I thought.  It still doesn't feel 100% but it's nice that even these low levels can result in this.  I'll need to push myself harder when I do return to 100% I'll be able to accomplish unbelievable things.

    6. Stoic meeting

    I said that if I felt better I'd organise a meeting in Glasgow.  I guess I'll be planning that tomorrow.  I'll order more of my clothing and show that off at the meeting 😎

    7. Headphones

    I swear the original earphones where better than what we have now.  Sure the wire got tangled and broke, but at least they where cheep.  

    Headphones always seem to snap.  The fact that they're so solid means any pressure breaks them.

    Earbuds are no better they're so small that they get lost easily.  The charging box is just as small and can fall down crack's as well.

    I don't want to spend a lot if they'll break/get lost in a few months, but phone's now done have a headphone jack so there's not much options:(. Maybe I can look into different styles.  Maybe one's made for athletes would be better for me.

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