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Review - Bill And Ted

One of my favourite movies.

    1. What are the main character(s) strength and weaknesses?

    Bill and Ted aren't the smartest kids. They're rubbish musicians and they know nothing about history. Despite that they've been tasked, by a time-traveler from the future to travel through history and put on the greatest history talk in from of their school, so that they can stay together and form the greatest band in history and save the world. Despite their weaknesses they're both kind and friendly.

    2. What makes this story unique?

    It's a time travel story, with idiots. I enjoyed the message it pushes 'Be excellent to each other and party on dudes'. It's a comedy with a solid story.

    3. What point did you fall in love/hate it?

    when we first see Rufus and the time machine. Upto that point I still enjoyed it. A lot of well written characters, but once we saw the time machine the story really starts.

    4. How has this changed me?

    I've carried the motto with me ever since I first saw it 'Be excellent to each other and party on dudes'.

    5. What does this remind you of?

    Ferris Bueller is the first film that comes to mind. It's a high school comedy without most of the modern day crudeness. I can think of anything else that comes close.

    6. What made you smile?

    Seeing the historical figures in the modern day.

    7. Favourite quote

    'Be excellent to each other and party on dudes'

    8. Parts I disliked

    How they explain using time travel to steal keys from the police station,

    9. Summary/Stars

    A great time travel movie. You learn short snippets of history as they pick up each new character. You'll be intrigued with the story and laughing throughout. The characters are all likeable. The message they push is a great message to follow.

    Love this film 10/10

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