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Rocco's Jokes - Part 15

    1. My Teacher Is ______ (Original Song)

    2. Race Observation

    After watching the aftermath of the Will Smith slap I made an interesting race observation. In 2020 a black man is filmed being attacked and people are outraged, disgusted and demanded rightful justice. In 2022 a black man is filmed being attacked and people are debating how he deserved it.

    3. Specky 4 Eyes

    My optician said that I'd look a lot better with glasses. The woman on tinder disagree.

    4. German Grandad

    My German mate is really upset with me after what I did to his grandad. I was looking for my mate Brent and couldn't find him so I asked his grandad 'Have you seen Brent?' he replied 'I nazi' shocked I asked again 'Brent. Have you seen him?' 'I nazi' I'm getting angry now 'You what?' 'I nazi. I nazi. I nazi!' so I punched him in the face. Disgusting old man.

    5. Save The Rainforests

    6. Thrill-Seeker

    What's a gay man and a thrill-seeker got in common? They both seek 'a penis

    7. Spanish Elephant

    What's elephant in Spanish? 'ell-if-ano

    8. Peanuts

    9. Once (Original Song)

    10. Area 51

    Area 51. A secret location where the have captured aliens and alien technology. These beings are so advanced that they can build ships that can travel across the universe and light speed, but aren't smart enough to avoid being caught by us? I'm no buying it.

    11. Woman

    I've seen a lot of transphobes get really annoyed at the new definition of woman - Anyone who feels like a woman. I was unsure what a woman felt like so I asked over 100 woman 'How do you feel?' All of them said the same thing 'With my hands'. Then it hit me. I was always under the impression that I was a man, but I too feel with my hands so I guess I'm a woman. And if you feel with your hands you might be one as well.

    12. Shrek

    What's the kinkiest mythical creature? Oh' grrrssss....

    13. You use to be

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