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Rocco's Jokes (Part 17)

A few jokes that I've written over the past few months.

I typed - 'Rocco Desta Comedy' Into the AI and got this masterpiece,.


    1. Essay

    Ironic that the word Essay is mostly padding.

    2. Dr Who

    What do you call a police box that can't travel through time and space? A Re-tardis

    3. Transsexual Communication

    How do transexuals communicate ? she-mail

    4. Content Creators

    What do you call a YouTube that doesn't make any money? A not so content creator.

    5. Trans Toilet Debate

    Advice for trans woman

    6. Glasgow Celtic

    It's been a great year for Glasgow Celtic. 9 - 0 against Dundee. 4 -0 against rangers. And now this. (Queens death)

    * Will have to rework the punchline if I hope to use in the future.

    7. Check Mate

    What's that? The Queen can move as much as she likes, in any direction? Aye, sure she can

    8. Nation In Mourning

    Breaking News! Nation in mourning. Not anymore. It's lunchtime.

    * Can easily use this whenever there's a national tragedy.

    9. Men/Woman

    Was in town the other day, clubbing. When I went to the bathroom I was shocked at the sign.'This bathroom is for Men/Woman' Men/woman! Im disgusted. It's 2022 the correct term is TransWoman.

    10. Such a child

    After sex, I farted and put her head under the covers. Angry she screamed 'You're such a child' I replied. 'Yeah? What's that make you?'

    11. Queens Coffin

    A short example of my acting skills.

    12. My beliefs cost me my job

    I believe that only real woman should ever enter a woman's bathroom... and that's how I lost my job as a janitor.

    * For anyone who doesn't get this joke. I'm a man. I refused to do my job.

    13. New Living Room

    I bought the first item to fill my new living room. Sofa

    ... so good . It was a coffee table.

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