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Rogue Lycan King

Werewolves, Tyrant Alpha, illegitimate werewolf princess is mate of the lycan prince, she is neglected by her father who always favored her legitimate brother, her brother betrays the pack by allying with their rival pack in order to take down his sister and the lycan prince

    1. The Lycan Prince

    The lycan prince and his brothers are the sons of the previous lycan king. They were exiled when their father died because they were illegitimate children. During the day, he is a human but at night he becomes a werewolf. He comes to Earth to find his mate. He is a good guy but also has some bad guy tendencies which come out later on in the story.

    2. The Evil Brother

    The evil brother was always favored by the old king and now he wants to take over as king so he allies with the rival pack of werewolves in order to bring down the new king (the lycan prince) and his daughter (who is an illegitimate child).

    3. The Rival Pack of Werewolves

    They are allied with the evil brother in order to bring down the new lycan king, who they see as weak, and take over all the territory that belongs to him.

    They are led by a tyrant alpha werewolf who has no problem killing his own people if it means more power for him.

    4. The Immoral Sister - she's not really immoral but she's definitely not very nice either. She doesn't like her sister because she's an illegitimate child and feels that her father always favored her over her legitimate sister. She betrays

    She's also very jealous whenever anyone else gets attention from her father which makes her do irrational things sometimes. She has two daughters who are also illegitimate children like herself but she loves them very much even though she doesn't really show it much because she's too busy trying to prove herself as better than everyone else around here .

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