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Rule #1 - Let go of all grievances.

“Love holds no grievances. Let me not betray my Self.” The idea, of course, is that, because your Self is Love, holding grievances is an act of Self-betrayal. Contemplate this thought.

To hold a grievance is to wish harm on someone; Yet even “minor” grievances are the same thing, just in a milder form. To hold a grievance is to feel you have been wronged, and the victimizer deserves to be punished for his or her wrongdoing. To wish someone would “get what she/he deserves” is no less hatred than to wish them dead.

This is not a law or commandment. The only way you will let go of a grievance is that you'll be intrinsically motivated to do so. You will recognize how much pain not letting go is causing you.

Are you willing to experience a mind without grievances?

    1. If you let go of a grievance within 5 minutes your vibrational frequency increases 20x compared to if you waited 30 minutes.

    2. If you miss the first window, you may feel like you shouldn't even try. Not true.

    Looking at the data, letting go of a grievance after an hour is 60x more effective than holding on to it for a full 24 hours.

    3. Letting go of a grievance after you've held onto it for a day is a lot more effective than holding onto it for a week.

    The only thing that is ineffective is not letting go of the grievance.

    Rule #2. If you believe that someone has wronged you read rule #1.

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