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Sections & Chapters for a Possible Book on Escaping the Comfort Zone

I've been thinking about this topic for a long time, and I've collected some notes on what might be a solid book on breaking out of one's comfort zone.

    1. Part I - Definitions.

    Section on defining the terms.

    2. How Did We Get Here?

    Some background on how and why we are so afraid of taking risks.

    3. Define Your Fears.

    A method for identifying and clarifying that for which you are afraid.

    4. Who Do You Want to Become?

    Creating a vision for the person you want to be, how you want to act in fearful scenarios, etc.

    5. The Comfort Zone +1 Mindset.

    This, or some variation thereof, may be the title for the book. The idea is to identify your comfort zone and just dial it up to a +1. This chapter would define that mindset.

    6. Part II - Game Plan.

    Section on putting together an achievable plan to face your fears and take calculated risks.

    7. Your Comfort Zone +1 Action Plan.

    Establishing how you are going to escape the comfort zone, exercises, etc. This is the meat of the book.

    8. How to Talk to the Voice in Your Head.

    Dealing with the negative self-talk we all hear from time to time.

    9. Stop Being You.

    How to get out of your current fearful mindset and get into the mindset of someone who is courageous in the face of fear.

    10. Where to Find Inspiration.

    Resources for when you hit rough spots in the process.

    11. Part III - Take Action

    Section on enacting your Comfort Zone +1 action plan.

    12. Seek Courageous Experiences.

    Going after those experiences that most spook you.

    13. On Consistency.

    Keeping a consistent routine when working your game plan.

    14. Embracing Failure.

    Managing those inevitable mistakes and pitfalls along the path.

    15. Reach Your Comfort Zone +1.

    The point you reach Nirvana. How to keep it going. What's next.

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