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Seeing the Essence: Transcending the Illusion (3 min 51 sec read)


    1. In the realm of human existence, there exists an incessant need to judge and interpret one another.

    We observe with our physical eyes, but what we truly see is often distorted by our own projections and meanings.
    The teachings of A Course in Miracles (ACIM) remind us that the body's eyes don't see; rather, we construct images and assign meaning to them.
    We rarely perceive the true essence of a person, for our opinions are merely reflections of past conditioning.
    What we judge in others is but a story created by their sense of self, not their Divine Essence.
    We are not judging God's Creation; we are judging the conditioning.

    2. Yet, if we shift our perspective and choose to see only the guiltless, the sinless, and the Holy in one another, we unlock a profound Truth.

    We can never be anything other than the Love that created us.
    The greatest gift we can bestow upon another human being is our full attention, pure and untainted.
    In moments of intense presence, the ego dissolves, for the ego, the false self, is rooted in the past, which is already gone, and the future, which is yet to be.
    We release the stories that hinder our connection, the tales of "What did you do to me a week ago?" or "What does she want from me?"

    3. When we choose not to judge another, they feel liberated, and so do we.

    Intuitively, they sense that they are not being scrutinized, evaluated, or condemned.
    However, this beautiful liberation rarely occurs among human beings.
    It is in the gaze of a dog that we witness a profound presence and unconditional love.
    Dogs embody pure beingness, their essence unobscured by the complexities of the mind.

    4. Amidst the complexities of human existence, there exists a profound connection between dogs and the realm of unconditional love.

    When we look into the eyes of a dog, we witness a purity of presence that transcends judgment and embraces us with unwavering affection.
    It is in their beingness that the essence of love speaks, unobscured by the burdens of the mind.
    Dogs become our guides, reminding us of the boundless love that resides within us all.

    5. As I contemplate the profound connection between dogs and unconditional love, I am reminded of our shared journey toward embracing our True Selves.

    Dogs offer us a reflection of pure love, inviting us to let go of judgments and surrender to the beauty of the present moment.
    In their company, we discover the transformative power of unconditional acceptance, both for others and ourselves.
    Through their unwavering devotion, dogs guide us towards the path of love and remind us of the divine essence that resides within us.

    6. In the realm of human perception, our eyes often fixate on the physical form, seeing only the outer shell that houses the Essence of a person.

    However, the teachings of Love beckon us to see beyond the body and recognize the eternal Truth within each individual.
    It is in quiet reflection and open-hearted presence that we begin to perceive the essence that transcends the confines of physicality.
    When we look into the eyes of another, beyond the external appearances, we catch glimpses of their True Self—The Divine Spark that unites us all.
    This Sacred Essence is the part of them that knows no judgment, no separation, and no limitation.
    It is the Love that resides within, waiting to be recognized and acknowledged.
    To truly see the Essence of a person, we must release the labels, opinions, and conditioning that cloud our vision.
    We strip away the layers of past experiences, prejudices, and assumptions. With open hearts and a willingness to embrace the truth, we witness the beauty and holiness that lies at the core of each being.
    In this act of perceiving beyond the body, we extend the same grace to ourselves.
    We liberate ourselves from self-judgment and self-criticism, recognizing that our Essence is pure and untarnished.
    We step into the awareness that we are not merely bodies, but Divine Beings experiencing a human existence.
    As we practice seeing beyond the body, we honor the interconnectedness of all Souls.
    We acknowledge the oneness that binds us together, weaving a tapestry of love and shared existence.
    Through this recognition, we open ourselves to deeper connections, genuine empathy, and a profound sense of unity.
    Let us embark on this journey of seeing the Essence—The Divine Truth — in ourselves and others.
    As we do so, we invite Love to be our guiding light, illuminating the path toward deeper understanding, compassion, and the transformation of our relationships.

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