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Seven Time Hacks for Demand Generation

I'm not sure if these are truly hacks or just what I consider "best practices." Either way, we all get 24 hours in the day. Here's how I think about time and long marketing cycles.

    1. It's called the first impression for a reason.

    Make sure you consider the timing and content of all of your auto-responders, particularly those that go out if and when people download low-intent content. This is not the time to drop a Seal Team Six of SDR''s on people, but you do want to help them know how you interact with prospects and customers.

    2. Match your nurture cadence to the prospect's typical sales cycle.

    If it usually takes six months for someone to raise their hand, that's how long your nurture cadence should be. Chances are, you haven't measured this enough, so you're likely not deploying content against it.

    3. Treat Contact Us forms with the respect they deserve. Part 1.

    As a buyer, what are your expectations when you fill out a Contact Us form? Guess what: that's how your prospects feel, too.

    4. Treat Contact Us forms with the respect they deserve. Part 2.

    If someone fills out your Contact Us form, there's a good chance they filled out someone else's, too. The first mouse doesn't always get the cheese, but they do get to set the tone and pace for everything that follows.

    5. Treat Contact Us forms with the respect they deserve. Part 3.

    In B2B, we always talk about how long it takes for prospects to want to engage. Often lost in this conversation is that there is an implied "trigger" that made them reach out now. Figuring this out is critical to a first conversation.

    6. Use case studies later than you probably are.

    Clients love case studies. Prospect do, too. BUT, psychologists will tell you that social proof is most effective later in the nurture sequence, so don't lead with it. Conversely, if a prospect IS actively consuming case studies...

    7. Annually, seek to trim down your nurture cadence intervals.

    If you send out nurture emails every six days, experiment with trimming it to five. Businesses can grow in any of a number of ways, and closing business faster is often one of the simplest levers to pull.

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