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Katie Ulrych


Sexy Time With Your Brain Juice and NotePD (Split Challenge)

ooh this looks fun. I am going to use a random word generator for it. I think I am creating ways to make money

    1. passage and desert

    hmm create a guided tour through the desert. Deserts are kind of boring but I am sure they have some crazy wildlife. It could also include a "what to do in case you get lost in the desert"

    2. embarrassment and exit

    make a video where you exit a crowded building in 10 horribly embarrassing ways. Its kind of like a prank video I guess.

    3. ton and funny

    Try out 200 experiments where you hope people will laugh with you and then write a book about it.

    4. truth and thread

    oooh.. a tiktok channel where a tiktoker tells the truth about something that is usually lied about while sewing.

    5. forest and slam

    Have a poetry slam reading in the middle of the forest. All of the poems have to be about forest things like animals or nature.

    6. monarch and overeat

    i am watching this show called butterbean cafe. lol its a kids show and I LOVE IT. maybe someone can make a cartoon about a monarch butterfly that overeats and can't fly. Maybe it will be like a PSA for kids who over eat.

    7. conservation and secretary

    a secretary whose only job is to make sure people in the office are not wasting supplies.

    8. lock and room

    I think it would be cool to have the password locks on bedrooms. But make them look really cool. The person who wants it on their room can design it. If a parent wants to get in they have the master lock code and can unlock it.

    9. scandal and attractive

    a book all about why we think scandals are so attractive.

    10. clue and few

    an AI platform where you write what your problem is and the generator gives you a few clues on how to fix your problem.

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