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Sexy Time With Your Brain Juice and NotePD (Split Challenge)

    1. Headphones/Headband

    Headphones that also shapes your hair and makes you look pretty.

    2. Mug/Thermometer

    A mug with a thermometer on the outside, so your able to drink your tea/coffee at the perfect temperature.

    3. bracelet/lights

    A bracelet that lights up in time to music. Kid/ravers would love it. A belt would also be cool.

    4. Highlighter/notes app

    A pen that will digitise the words you highlight in your book. Saves you typing your notes. Keeps your book clean.

    5. School/Trade

    What if you built something whilst at school? A portfolio, product(s) or a business. If all subjects taught you different ways to improve on the bigger product even boring subjects would be more interesting. e.g maths. Maths might be boring, but if you use maths to code physics for your own game you might enjoy it a lot more.

    6. funeral/video

    What if you had a video of photos/good times of the deceased to watch at the funeral? I think seeing them at there best would be nicer than just hearing the story of their life. It's also a nice think to share/look back on.

    7. conversations/comics

    I came up with this idea a few years ago. Comics that have basic everyday conversations that could be easily translated to help with learning a new language. It reduces your focus down to the topics you actually want to talk about.


    8. tinder/jobs

    You upload your cvr. Businesses upload a job description/key skills they're after. App then shows you jobs that you're qualified for. You swipe right and the company gets your cv. If they like it you can chat and arrange an interview.

    9. Gigs/tinder

    An app that allows you to meet up with people before /after a gig. If you're seeing the same band you've already got something in common to talk about. This could also allow people to go to gigs themselves, as they'll easily be able to make new friends there.

    10. Politics /likes

    New laws are simplified and upload to an app where the public can vote on them. How they vote won't change the law, but it could help sway the voting preferences of politicians.

    Maybe the art of simplify will ignore important factors that politicans are taking into account. Maybe laws should be made to be simple enough for the public to understand.

    11. Character Creator /merch

    A phone app where you can create your own character (change eyes, hair, tshirt, jeans ect.). You can then print that character onto merch and buy that product.

    Great for kids that want a unique tshirt.

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