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Shows I watch or want to watch

I don't watch nearly as much as I used to, but here are the ones that come to mind.


    1. Jack Ryan

    I watched the first two seasons a while ago and I'm very tempted to start the third season which came out in December.

    2. The Simpsons

    I've been watching it since I was a small child. Just started watching it in Spanish to hopefully help with my language learning.

    3. Hunters

    This is the one show I've been watching lately with my girlfriend. Almost done. It's a weird one.

    4. The Spy

    I'm home for a week and I'm re-watching this with my mom. I love everything that has to do with Israel and it's a fascinating story.

    5. Futurama

    I occasionally watch it with my girlfriend.

    6. FRIENDS

    I've been watching it since I was around 11; I watched the whole thing several times over. Considering starting to watch it in Spanish.

    7. La Casa de Papel

    Thoroughly enjoyed watching this, and I think I'll watch it again now that I'm actively learning Spanish.

    8. El Candidato

    Prime Video. It's in Spanish and it's about the CIA and the Mexican drug cartels, which is immediately entertaining.

    9. Night Sky

    I was browsing Prime Video to help me with this list (hopefully this won't lead me to actually spend more time watching shows, because I'm getting tempted now), and I stumbled upon Night Sky, which sounds cool. I love JK Simmons.

    10. FAUDA

    I watched a few episodes years ago. As previously mentioned, I'm very interested in Israel, and it seems like Israeli shows have good reputation.

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