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Signature Weapon or Item of Clothing

I have a male adventure hero story and the character needs to have a signature weapon or article of clothing.

    1. The Sword of the Unwilling Knight

    My reluctant hero is a knight who was forced into knighthood by his father. He doesn't want to be a knight but he has to do all the tasks that a knight would do.

    2. His signature weapon is...

    The sword his father gave him when he became a knight. It's special in that it can cut through anything except for one thing (which I will get to later).

    3. His clothing is...

    A helmet, armor, and nothing else. He needs to move quickly so he doesn't wear anything else.

    4. The special thing about his sword is...

    It can cut through any living thing except for one thing: A rose bush.

    5. His first adventure involves...

    A village where everyone has turned into zombies and the only thing that can save them is if someone cuts down the rose bush in the middle of town (the source of all this evil). But nobody can cut down the rose bush because they will die if they touch it with his sword. So our reluctant hero has to solve this problem.

    6. Other adventures include...

    He's tasked with delivering an important message but along the way gets sidetracked by monsters and other obstacles including being trapped in a dungeon, etc. All sorts of things happen to him on these adventures but eventually he always makes it back with the message because he's very determined and focused on getting back with it no matter what happens (even though sometimes people think he has died.)

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