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Silence is Golden: The Power of Action in Puppy Training

Silence is Golden: The Power of Action in Puppy Training

    1. The most common error people make while training a puppy is verbally explaining what they want the pup to do instead of physically demonstrating the what you want them to do.

    2. It's essential for the person training the puppy to physically guide them into the desired behavior, such as assisting them into a sit position, and then providing a verbal cue (label) such as "sit" for the action.

    This labeling process helps the dog associate the physical action with the corresponding word or command. Once the puppy successfully performs the behavior, it's crucial to reinforce it with a reward to encourage repetition and continued learning.

    3. Instead of constantly using the word "NO" when training your puppy, provide context and guidance for the behaviors you want to encourage.

    Repeatedly telling your puppy "NO" without proper direction can lead to confusion and frustration.

    4. One of the best-kept secrets among dog trainers for achieving rapid success is to pretend that you cannot speak and instead rely on demonstrating the desired behavior to your puppy.

    By physically showing your puppy how to perform a specific action or behavior, you can provide clear guidance and eliminate any potential confusion or misinterpretation that may arise from verbal commands.

    5. Puppies learn by association. Associate the action they are doing with the word you are saying instead of trying to explain to your puppy what you want them to do.

    Name the action (ex: "sit") consistently when they are doing it and reward. This will quickly turn to a cue so that when you say the word your puppy knows exactly what to do.

    Over time, this repetition will help the behavior become associated with a specific word or command, essentially turning it into a cue.

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