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Sime obvious ways to commit a cardinal sin and loose your job.

Example everyone's heard of. A bank robber cashes his check and then writes robbery not on back of deposit ticket.

    1. Minister gives a sermon "by your faith alone you are saved", then tells the congregation more than half of you aren't living up to God's expectations and will probably go to hell... but I'm here to save you today.

    2. Cowboy, first day in the job gets on the horse backward and pulls on the tail to go in reverse.

    3. Pilot, flying high them the engine stops, only to remember he forgot his parachute.

    4. Undertaker, gets caught drinking the clients blood.

    5. Farmer, his well runs dry and he hasn't any clue where he'll get more water.

    6. Fortune Teller, in s dark room during a séance, says "will somebody please turn on the light so I can look into my crystal ball?

    7. Banker, in last ditch effort to save his bad investments closing the bank, "he says to staff this is my last .2¢ that surely will turn things around.

    8. President, with out gas I'm sure we can get this country up and running again.

    9. Carpenter, I plumb out of ideas how to make these walls straight.

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