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Six Ways to Improve You

    1. Learn something new

    (Youtube, book, documentary, article, new word, podcast, new recipe with strange ingredient, make a unique cocktail). Understand a trait of someone you respect, learn that skill, and acquire it yourself.

    2. Exercise

    Going for a run, at home/gym workouts, taking a walk around the neighborhood or on a treadmill for at least 20 minutes daily (IT REALLY WORKS), eating a clean diet during the work week, stretching, and meditating.

    3. Well-groomed & personal appearance

    It is important if you wish to be taken seriously. Good grooming and a tidy appearance is always preferable. How YOU respect yourself will help improve your daily life and how people respect you.

    4. Dive into discomfort

    Ask your crush on a date, risk being rejected, and feel the burn that comes with it. Take the initiative to let someone know what you are thinking and feeling. Go out to a bar/restaurant by yourself. Be open-minded and flexible.

    Do it, and do it more often. Knowing how to embrace discomfort gives you another outlook on life and YOURSELF, even if it doesn't result in immediate positive feedback or reward.

    5. Write daily

    Just like exercising your body, writing helps to keep your brain sharp and active. Writing down all your thoughts, new ideas, pet peeves, experiences, and everything else that crosses your mind.

    6. Speak words of affirmation

    A powerful habit to add to your morning routine. Position thoughts manifest themselves into energy that will help boost your confidence. You will realize how powerful your comments to yourself really are. Try it!

    I am getting better and better every day

    I wake up motivated

    I am grateful for everything I have in my life

    I love who I am becoming

    I am successful

    I am confident

    I am powerful

    I am myself

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