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Skip The Line - Chapter 4 - Become The Scientist Of Your Own Life - 15 Insights

A scientist is a person who has expert knowledge and the ONLY way to get expert knowledge is through experiences and the only way to have experiences is to keep moving or become still.

    1. Decoding wisdom can take me anywhere I want to go - "You got troubles, talk about it, that's what they want to hear." - Tracy Morgan

    2. Always ask myself is it true? Be quiet and see what spontaneously arises. Is the least crowded room the best room to learn in? Is this true 100% of the time? How can I know for sure?

    3. Others are as charmed by me as I am charmed by me.

    4. Beyonce - Before/After? Don't Matter

    5. Most of our stories are not factual at all, nothing by mere illusions - images in our mind -imagination

    6. I was reminded to never give my "position -rank - pecking order" any power - just keep going on stage.

    7. Our experiences don't have to be uncomfortable, they can be Bob Ross- love this guy. The Joy of Painting.

    8. Never look back not because I might turn into a pillar of salt, it's because back there is the "worst" that I will ever be, all that I want is here right now as long as I keep going on stage.

    9. You can't lose with the stuff we use. With any experience, we either get the result we wanted or we learn something.

    10. Do nothing and they disappear. Turn away and they disappear. Don't give them any power and they lose their power. Don't give them any attention and they fade away like a whisper. - EXPERIENCES

    11. There's only two ways to become a scientist - Be Still or Keep Moving and let go of all grievances against yourself and others. -Complaints - Protests - Unfair Treatment - Imagined/Real Wrongs

    12. Having we noticed that in a world of duality there are only two possible outcomes - we get the result or we don't?

    13. Haven't we noticed that all experiences are ephemeral ("good" or "bad") and it is us who keeps them alive - we feed them good.

    14. Wouldn't it be a good idea to have an automatic response that worked 100% of the time that would alleviate all distress? Either we're all innocent or we're all guilty.

    15. Go on stage would mean that we'd have to abandon the story we currently hold about ourself.

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