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Slow down to speed up. Magic happens in spaces.

I was super productive today...

But I feel drained and not efficient.

What if the magic (more efficient + meaningful) happened in the spaces?

Slow down to speed up

    1. The empty time between two meetings:

    15 to 30 min. Can be the most productive time of your day. Why? It's your reflection. What do I do with what I've heard? What is interesting about this exchange?

    2. Improve your leadership

    Don't add a new habit. Instead, look for ways to remove one that is not helping you.

    3. 1:1 meeting

    "Excuse me a second, this is important." You quickly respond to an email before resuming your conversation.

    You won't have the same quality of exchange. Take the time to be present in each of your meetings.

    4. Silence

    Pause in a discussion to think about what I am going to say. Is it worth it? Often the answer is no. So silence...

    5. Reread a book,

    rather than starting a new one. Our time is limited. It is more effective to study a book that has impacted us than to jump into a new one.

    6. A cancelled appointment

    Don't try to fill the void with more. Take your most pressing topic and brainstorm alone. Don't ask yourself if you are creative, create the conditions and let your creativity flourish.

    7. Don't fill, empty. And watch the magic happen

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