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Small Talk Challenge

Six Strangers

    1. Back in the day realtor

    Today I met a sweet old lady, she'd lived in the same town for over fifty years. Back then she was a realtor and investor, owning a large portion of apartment buildings and land in the once small town.

    She seemed uninterested in talking about that. I didn't have time to press on the subject, it was raining and she needed to get back home.

    Our chance encounter location was once a bread store.

    2. Bully Mix

    She's a dog mom of nine, now twelve altogether. Her husband couldn't be reached (he didn't have service out at the property) though he took the males of the litter and she the girls.

    We talked about her son in college. When you have kids, you seem to measure time by their age.

    Who knows, this November we might be a dog family of two.

    3. 666

    Nice guy, his mom won't save his number because the devils got the same digits, ha!

    4. Apparently Switzerland isn't very wild

    Met a sister and brother today. She had spent the last few months trotting around Europe hiking, he was dropping out of school to run a shipping company.

    No matter where she went there were tourists, even in the Alps. "Italy's nicer, more variety," she said.

    Their mother had been stressed lately, I didn't find out why.

    5. The kid "King"

    He was as pudgy as his father was skinny. We don't think he translated anything the father was actually trying to say, he kept telling him to "ka-ya-tay, ka-ya-tay."

    6. Divorced

    It was still fresh, the sadness and a bit of shock hung over his mixed awkwardness in conversation.

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