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Nicola Fisher


So I have a flu and am suffering some sinus issues, and that lead to Headache! Any remedy out there!?

    1. Vicks

    My husband swears by this. He uses it every night.


    2. Hydrate

    I drink hot water with lemon and honey when I have a cold or flu. Drink regularly throughout the day.

    3. Honey

    Honey is my go to as well. It's very good for colds (and many other things). I try to buy local honey. It might cost more than shop bought but worth it. Also Manuka Honey - which you can buy in supermarkets.

    4. Rest and Sleep

    There's a point, when you have a cold/flu that your best option is to rest and let your body start to recover.

    5. Keep Warm

    Wrap up warm. I don't like heating too hot but keep your body well wrapped up and snug.

    6. Fresh Air

    When you feel a bit better, take a walk and get some fresh air.

    7. Soup

    Soup is what you eat when you feel poorly! When Chris and I had a flu bug recently, we ate very little for a couple of weeks - just toast, really. I was fed up with toast so got a bag of frozen veg out of the freezer and concocted some soup. It helped.

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